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          Home Products Flow Measurement Vortex Flowmeters OPTISWIRL 4200
          Vortex Flowmeters - OPTISWIRL 4200
          Vortex Flowmeter C OPTISWIRL 4200

          Already the basic version of the OPTISWIRL 4200 is equipped with a temperature compensation for saturated steam applications. With the optional pressure sensor the OPTISWIRL 4200 has an integrated density compensation available, which even allows an exact measurement of gases and superheated steam with varying process conditions. The additional integrated gross and net heat measurement makes the OPTISWIRL 4200 to be a reliable partner for advanced energy management systems.

          The OPTISWIRL 4200 was designed for the safety-related applications from the very beginning. It was developed according to the standard IEC 61508 edition 2. The certification is effected within the scope of a Full Assessment by TV Sd. Thereby the OPTISWIRL 4200 can be used for continuous volume flow measurement in safety-related applications with classification SIL2.

          Development acc. to IEC 61508 edition 2
          Advanced technology for signal filtering C AVFD (Advanced Vortex Frequency Detection)
          Integrated pressure and temperature compensation
          Temperature compensation for saturated steam included as standard
          Integrated gross and net heat calculation for steam and hot water
          Comprehensive communication options
          Field mounted version with cable length up to 50 m / 164 ft
          Integrated reduction of nominal size
          Measurement of conductive and non-conductive liquids, gases and steam
          Oil & Gas
          Power plants
          Food & Beverage
          Iron, Steel and Metals
          Paper and pulp
          Automobile industry
          Measurement of saturated steam and superheated steam
          Steam boiler monitoring
          Heat metering of steam and hot water
          Measurement of consumption of industrial gases
          Measurement of consumption in compressed air systems
          Monitoring of compressor output
          Evaluation of Free Air Delivery (FAD)
          SIP and CIP processes in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries
          Safety-related measurement in SIL applications (SIL2)
          OPTISWIRL 4200